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Marine Surveys by Blair W. Bugher SAMS® AMS®

Blair W. Bugher SAMS® AMS®
Marine Surveyor
Cell: 609 558-9932

Marine Surveys, Appraisals, Insurance & Lawsuit Investigations, Expert Witness Services, Corrosion Studies

Buyer & Seller Assistance, Yacht Deliveries, Training, Publications, Speaking Presentations, Repossessions

Email: blair@bughermarine.com

Marine Surveys by Blair W. Bugher SAMS® AMS®

Pre-Purchase Marine Surveys - Insurance Survey - Damage Survey - Insurance Investigations - Insurance & Lawsuit Investigations - Expert Witness Services

Electrical System Evaluations - Appraisals/Donations - Stray Current/Corrosion Survey - Vibration Analysis - Vessel Repossession and Custodial Services

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