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Notes From Our Files

exhaust failureexhaust failureA luxury motoryacht suffers an exhaust failure resulting in diesel soot spewing throughout the vessel. The insurance team documents visible damage and proposes a relatively low cost remediation/cleaning based on visible damages as noted in left photo. Bugher Marine Services investigates further and using a photographic borescope, proves soot migration throughout virtually all hidden passages as noted in right photo (which all communicate to the air conditioning return air system). With the documented health and equipment damage issues of diesel soot, we show that remediation will be much more extensive, resulting in a more educated and favorable settlement.

Vandalism DamageVandalism Damage A boat is stolen, then recovered some time later in heavily vandalized condition many miles away. The insurance team denies replacement of one blown engine claiming that the engine had pre-existing damage and must have been inoperable at time of loss. The insurance surveyor notes that most copper wiring was stripped/vandalized as noted in left photo, preventing hourmeter operation or downloading of the engine computers to verify operation. Bugher Marine Services re-powers the hourmeters and re-wires the engine computers as noted in right photo, showing that both engines incurred almost a full seasons operation since loss. Proving that both engines were running prior to and after the theft.

While most of our services are done on fiberglass boats/yachts, we still service wooden classics. This photo shows one of several keel bolts that were found completely rotted off during an insurance survey of a Matthews yacht. The owner replaced the bolts and continues to enjoy use of this beautiful classic. Keel Bolts
An out-of-state client looks to purchase a dealer leftover yacht but worries about boat-show use/damage, and problems with equipment failures due to lack-of-use while the vessel sat in dealer inventory. Our pre-purchase survey showed the vessel to be in good overall condition as noted in this photo, with easily corrected problems in areas of bilge pumps, batteries and a few appliances, and we valued the vessel appropriately for the current market. The client was then able to make an educated purchasing decision. Boat Show Boat

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